Lane and Barn of the Chapter

The name of this lane refers to the Chapter of Notre-Dame-de-Liesse in Annecy. The Chapter is an assembly of canons in charge of liturgical functions.

On April 4, 1397, a bull from Benoit XIII, then Pape in Avignon, the successor of Clement VII, established Notre-Dame-de-Liesse as a collegial church and associated the parish of Veyrier to the Chapter, and so empowering the latter to elect two priests residing in the village presbytery, as honorary vicars of Notre-Dame-de-Liesse.

The Collegial domination lasted until the French Revolution. In 1792, with the entrance of General Montesquiou in Savoy and the ensuinq administrative upheavals because of the civil constitution of the clergy and the confiscationof Church properties, the « perpetual » link that had been maintained during four centuries, was broken.

Until then the canons of the Chapter had sent two delegates to look after the grape harvest and collect the tithe.

The « barn » shetered tuns, presses and barrels bearing the seal of the Collegiate church. The tithe was received there and then there was a great celebration presided over by the Canon. The mass celebrated by this Canon, on September 22 (Saint Maurice name day) was followed by a banquet financed by the Collegial church.
To-day, there is only a triple oqee window left that one can see on the façade of a house further down, on the road to the harbour.