The harbour of Veyrier

The main harbour, inaugurated at the end of the 19th century, shows the importance of the lake as a waterway for the transport of travellers and goods since the roadway was steep and dangerous because of rocktalls from Margeria.

Holiday makers joined the country people who went to sell their goods in Annecy. The remaining elements of that time are the landingstages where the steamboats embarked and disembarked passengers and goods. The steamboats had replaced sailing boats like the Comète.

The typical wooden sheltem were built a few years later (1883 for the Veyrier one) to protect passengers from bad weather.

The present landing stage was financed by the State in 1862, as well as those in Menthon, Talloires, Duingt, Doussard, Saint Jorioz, to facilitate transfers formerly made on small embarcations from the steam soats.

One of the most emblematic boats, the Couronne de Savoie, had been offered in 1861 by Napoleon the third to the town of Annecy after his triumphal visit to celebrate the union of Savoy with France.,