Mont-Barron Hotel « At the baroness’s »

In Veyrier, a village without shops, whoseinhabitants were mostly farmers-winegrowers, the first « cabaret » was allowed by the Sardinian Buon Governo in 1839. The « cabarets » were considered by the religious authorities as dens of iniquity.

During the third Republic, the cafes became places where political meetings were held. During the electoral campaigns of 1914 and 1919, the « red » (radicals) met a Miege’s at the « Mont Baronnnnn », where as the « whites » met at the Café of the Centre, at Fournier’s. It is at « Mont Baron » that official banquets were held, such as the one offered to the soldiers of w.w.1 on August 3, 1919.

With the development of holiday-making, Veyrier became Veyrier-du-Lac in 1901. Hotelll Restaurants replaced the cafés. Mont Baron hotel classified as a fourth class hotel in 1922, could boast as early as 1924 of « facilities for families, its carefully prepared, its shaded terrace, without forgetting the permanent telephone ». Tourism underwent quite a boom with the opening of mount Veyrier cable car (infact Mount Baron) on July 29, 1934.

Its nickname the « Baroness » was given in 1937 by its new owner.
In 1960, the hotel-restaurant, composed of two buildings a long a terrace planted with 10 weil—– plane trees, boasted of its « 22 bedrooms with bathrooms, toilets, Tv and direct telephone.

During the tourist season, the tables were set on the shaded terraces ».
—could reach the place either via rue Tournette or via the ancient Rue de la Voute. It closed down soon after 2000.