Baker’s oven at Petit Chavoire hamlet

Hamlet or village oven and not a banal ( or seigniorial) , its cast iron has been kept. Located at Petit Chavoire (without s : the Sardinian map mentions the Petit Chavoire or Chavoiroz,Chavoirrouz as well as the Grand Chavoire), this oven has a molasse vault, its hearth or floor is worn out.

Inside, one can see a few tools : an oven mop, a hoorrclooooooth, a fire-rake to work the fire and a shovel to push the dough inside.

The fire had to be regulary maintened to avoid the cooling of the vault and of the hearth ; everyone provided his share of wood. The small bundles of sticks « fascines » tied together with a stalk of wicker, were made by the country people – wine growwers during the slack season to feed the fire.