« Liberation » Villa.

On August 19, 1944, at 7 a.m., in this family villa lent for the occasion by Marcel Fournier to the head of the FFI (French Forces of the Interior) negotiations began to fix the conditions of the surrender of the German garnison in Annecy, after the success achieved by FFI in the département and to avoid shedding blood should the town be attacked.

11 negotiators for the French Resistance:

— Joseph Lambroschini, alias Nizier, commander of the Secret Army, one of the components of the FFI for the Haute-Savoie; he was the chief of staff. Nizier led the negotiations.
—André Augagneur, alias Captain Grand, commander of the F.T.P.(Francs Tireurs and Partisans), another component of the FFI; he was the assistant chief of staff.
—Yves Godard, alias captain Jean, assistant officer of Vizier amidst the Secret Army, former officer of the Alpine regiment 27ème BCA.
—Fernand Archen, alias commander Icks, of the Secret Service
—Pierre Métrat, alias lieutenant Francis, commander Icks assistant.
—Jean Rosenthal,alias captain cantinier, liaison officer of General Koenig.
—Georges Guidollet, alias Ostier, chief of the United Movements of the Resistance
—Lieutenant Guillaume (Garin), chief of the Security service.
—Lieutenant Marchal, liaison officer of the FFI
—Lennie Ball, alias captain Niveau, parachutiste officer of the American Army.
—Georgette Peccoud-Berberat, alias Zette, Nizier’s secretary.

For the Wermacht, two officers appointed by Colonel Meyer of the German Garnison.
—Captain Leopold Sedlaczek, aide-de-camp of Colonel Meyer, francophile.
—Major Dr Walter Eggers, officer in the Air Force, who asked Colonel Meyer to accompany the Captain.

The meeting was suspended at 9 a.m to allow the German negotiations a return trip to the Spendid Hôtel in Annecy, the headquarters of the Wehrmacht Commandatur to submit to Colonel Meyer the clauses of the surrender; he was the only one enabled to validate them.
When the German negotiators came back at about 10 a.m. with Colonel Meyer’s validation in hand, the meeting resumed. The conditions of the surrender were signed by Nizier and Sdelaczek.
The official ratification process took place at the Splendid Hôtel where Colonel Meyer received the French delegation.