The hamlet of les Guerres

Unlike a popular legend, the name of this hamlet does not come from a quarrel between the residents of Veyrier and those of Menthon-Saint-Bernard.

In fact, the name comes from the family name of Guerraz, a patronymic from gurres, in savoyard dialect, meaning small streams running down from the mountains.
The hamlet of Les Guerres is relatively recent; it appeared in the history of Veyrier only in the 17th century; On the Sardinian map, it is named as « desu le guerre, gueurre or geure » in 1730.

However, in the fields and the properties of the two villages are border ones, the hamlet of Les Prêles was divided between Veyrier and Menthon-Saint-Bernard ever since the Middle Ages. So, one could distinguish «Les Prêles de Veyrier » from «Les Prêles de Menthon ».

The uniting of the Veyrolain part to Menthon-Saint-Bernard was made in 1911 after a former request in 1906 from all the Landowners because of a question of proximity:(500 meters to the post office of Menthon compared with a distance of 2400 meters to that of Veyrier).

This is perhaps at the origin of the mistake on the name Les Guerres, i-e The Wars.