The cross « Les Champs »

Deeply modified in the 19th century, this very fine private house already existed in 1732. On the Sardinian map, it is marked n° 838, with its garden
n°840, its meadow n°839 and the vineyards around n°837,841….It has big vaulted cellars.This building, now rectangular,was greatly reshaped in 1856 by Joseph Thyrion; it stands on a terraced platform. The balcony with a medallion bearing his initials, proudly overlooks the lake. The gate with its « pots à feu » comes from the former bishop’s Palace of Annecy.

As for its origins (about 1576) it could have been a dependency of the fief of Cran. Later, being used as a cellar, it belonged until 1749 to the Reverend Barnabites of Annecy, in charge of the chappuisien school.To provide income for that school, they maintained a vineyard in Veyrier, that they rented to the locals. Those monks, whose name from the cloister of Saint Barnabé in Milan are regular clerics of the Saint Paul congregation founded in 1530, dedicated to preaching, teaching and the ministry.
At the beginning of the 20th century, this wine producing property supplied the 30th infantry regiment.