The cross of Pellarins, called cross of Fésigny

This cross is the oldest one in Veyrier. Once called « Cross of the Pellarins » it marked for the travellers the entrance of the village.
It is situated near the farmhouse of the Pellarins, now demolished, in the Rue de la Voûte, the old Gallo-Roman way, the route from Annecy to Talloires in the  Middle Ages ; this cross marked a geographical limit to the vineyards as far as « la Croix des Champs » during the grapes harvest.

Because of its proximity to the Château de la Ruaz, to-day called the château de Fésigny, it is now named the Cross of Fésigny. It stands on a pedestal with three steps, it is a 16 th century work, set in the corner of the old outside wall of the eponymous château.