Castle « La Ruaz », Castle of Fésigny.

Before becoming the properties of the counts of Fésigny, the name of the Château comes from low Latin Ruga, a furrow; in the local dialect roua means a lane. The name rua turned into Ruaz.
Built about 1380 by the lord of La Ruaz and of Les Daudes, it was originally a fortified house with extensions over the centuries.
In 1807, James, the son of Vincent de la Ruaz, wedded Diane de Valence, the heir of the Fésigny family, hence the name of to-day’s château.

The Château is composed of a big rectangular shaped building flanked with two square towers uphill. In the 17th century, 2 round towers were added downhill, a privilege of the nobility; on their roofs, one can see weathercocks, one representing a hunter and the other a rabbit; both provide a piece of meteorological information when the rabbit is behind the hunter, it means fine weather, when the hunter chases the rabbit, it is a sign of bad weather.
Since June 22,1993, it has been listed as an ancient monument because of its painted ceilings and the two turrets in the park.