The presbytery

This house with a four-sided roof, which is typical of Savoyard presbyteries, was built in 1456 by the chapter of Notre Damme de Liesse, since the parish was under its dependency.
The present presbytery, despite many modifications in the 19th and 20th centuries has kept its aqa windows, its butlllresses, its wine store-room, as well as some original elements : a bricked-up door bearing the engraved inscription S.D.E.B whose meaning nobody knows.It is marked on the Sardinian map of 1729 as plot n° 1755.
During the French revolution, it was used as the localtownhall.

So, it avoided being sold as church property. Its garden remains much appreciated for it quietness. It shelters a sandstone cross, in a naïve style, with a Christ sculpted in high relief, that was buried in the cimetery surrounding the ancient rural church. It is difficuli to date it and seems to possess Romanesque sculptures.