The Saint Maurice church.

Except for the lower part of the ancient Romanesque bell tower, the present church was recently built (1852-1855).
This building is the first neo-Gothic church erected, not with bitter altercations in the diocese of Annecy on Canon Poncet’s initiative. In the history of religious architecture, it is a breaking point with the neo-classical style of thr Sardinian restoration.

Inside, one can discover :

  • A fine stayue of carred wood (15th century) représenting a Virgin with child, the latter bearing the globe in his hands, scheduled as an ancientmonument in 1963.
  • A baroque painting from the 17th century (scheduled in 2002) representing a Virgin with child surrounded with angelots appearing to St François de Sales and Saint Vincent. The latter calls for the proctection of the Virgin over the Vincent de la Ruaz family, pointing toitscoat of arms (silver with sinopple with 3 gold fruit) as well as the family of Bellegarde (silver with 3 pals of sable pessey with qules brocating covered wihh silveer helmets. This painting is mentioned in an inventory dated 1703 of the tabellion of Annecy ; it comes from the family chapel of the château de la Ruaz.
  • In the sanctuary, fine stained glass-windows madei 1887 by Thomas de Valence shed light on a contemporary liturgical furniture.
  • On the columns, one can see there representation of the 4 evangelist*, the pillers of the Church announcing the Good News.
  • *The lion for Mark, the bull for Luke, the eagle for John and the angel for Matthieu.